Pension Plan Puppets: All For Naught

Every Leafs fan has an opinion. Here's mine: We are all Pension Plan Puppets. The Teachers pull the strings and we dance.

Monday, April 09, 2007

All For Naught

Tough 24 hours Saturday/Sunday. Needless to say another year without playoffs will be tough to swallow. I'll post more on the game/season later.



Anonymous Hockey writer said...

So, you became a Leaf fan in the 80's? Was that before or after a promising Leaf team was disassembled by Punch Imlach? Ballard was around back then, I remember. I'm a little older so I also lived through the early 70's when a championship-calibre team was allowed not to happen when Ballard chose to ignore the WHA. Toronto lost 1/2 their defense corps in Jim Dorey, Mike Pelyk, & Brad Selwood, and top forwards like Dave Keon and Jim Harrison, and some guy called Bernie Parent...who backstopped the hated Flyers to 2 cups.

Ok, fast forward here. I am glad the Leafs didn't make the playoffs this year; they didn't deserve to. Like Maurice says, they lack the killer instinct. The Islanders, with their top goalie knocked out, displayed heart and grit down the home stretch. Of course, Ted Nolan is a great coach as well.

And I agree with you wholeheartedly, the Leafs, like the Johnstown Chiefs, are a tax write off and investment avenue for the already too rich, under performing, teachers of Ontario and their over generous Pension fund. Have you ever heard of a teacher being fired for incompetence? Never, it doesn't happen. And that's what they have in common with the Leafs: No one ever gets fired in that organization for incompetence, either. No siree, they're offered contract extensions, instead!

Am I pointing the finger? Sir, I am pointing all of them, and my socks are off and I pointing my toes as well. McCabe: How many stupid, senseless, crosschecking penalties does this bonehead have to take before he is dismissed? Sundin: Either get someone or several quality guys, preferably under the age of 35, to play with him, or do him, and us, a favour by trading him. JFJ: Do the Johnstown Chiefs still exist? Ship Junior there. As for the rest of them, bench them if they don't play Maurice's way .....but that isn't possible is it? Because then, the Teachers Investment Fund would see a dip in their revenues. And we can't have that, can we.

Now, this year, I watched about a full game of Leaf hockey, combined. I suggest later this year, you find a hobby that will consume your free time. I'm amazed, looking back, at how many tick-tocks of the clock I wasted watching Rick Vaive and Willie Derlago slug it out in vain.

Either that or be done with it and buy some stock or mutual funds in the Teacher's Pension fund and then, rain or shine, out of the playoffs or way out of the playoffs next year, you can at least admire your handsome investment portfolio and sigh in resignation as it goes up, up, up while the Leafs remain stuck in neutral between brief rallies, stalls and engine failures.

The Hockey Writer

12:40 AM

Anonymous Johnny Thunder said...

Hockey writer you must be very proud and honoured by your age.

First of all you dumb shmuck the pension plan is not 'generous' to teachers in any way. MLSE is a stock that went up. Do you complain that your coworker is filthy rich cause he bought google's ipo and you didn't? They put in their hours, get a pay check, and put aside something for retirement like anyone else and happened to make a great investment. Beyond the fact that they give mlse all kinds of resources for reinvestment, their training facilities and medical staff is of the most elite in world wide sport..blah blah blah. But wait... these arn't the owners you want,,, thats right, a holding group working at arms length, is far worse then ballard and his gang.

Your celebrated age once again makes your argument all the more compelling.

Charlestown Chiefs.

With respect to you being glad the buds didn't make the dance cause they 'didn't have killer instinct' so. who the hell cares. My ottawa born roomates love watching a team with no balls in the show.

And alas we touch on you're bit about how you watched about a complete game all year long, yet you're sure you know quite a bit about the leafs. My humble opinion is that it's kinda weird that you cruise the blogs reading about something you don't watch. Whats it like being a fan vicariously enjoying puck through ppp's blog? Is it like reading how a steak tastes?

Johnny Thunder

8:42 PM


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