Pension Plan Puppets: Leafs' Logic Strikes Again

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Leafs' Logic Strikes Again

What's wrong with this train of thought? When the Leafs have a player like the 28 year old John Pohl (who I like but is unbelievably expendable) why would they think about trading 23 year old Matt Stajan just so that they can sign the 33 year old Mike Peca who is coming off of a major knee injury?

Here's a look at the players that are currently on one-way deals with the Leafs: (Note: Eddie's figure represents the last installment of the buyout)

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The Leafs aren't really that close to the cap because one forward and one defenceman will start the season with the Marlies. What kills me about the article is this BS:
There's only one problem. With more than $48 million (all figures U.S.) committed in salary to 23 players for the 2007-08 season, Toronto has pushed itself as far up to the $50.3 million cap as it would like. Short of dumping a one-way contract into the minors, there is no room in the vault or on the roster for Peca.
These are the Maple Leafs!! They have money to burn! They can sit a couple of million dollars in Ricoh Coliseum without batting an eye. It is the Leafs' easiest way to get around the salary cap.

That does not even bring up the idea that if they have roughly $2M in cap space why do they need to clear any more room? Is Peca going to be making close to what he made last season? He just came off his second major knee/leg injury and was not that effective last season. Yes, he would improve the PK but Blake also contributes greatly to an improved PK and the upgrade in net will play a big part in shoring up a PK unit that went downhill fast after Peca's injury.

My main problem with this deal is that after JFJ has held off trading actual young players (unlike picks who are only theoretically young players) he is now potentially going to let a Toronto drafted player that has improved every season. The marginal benefit gained between a healthy Peca and the Stajan of last season is not enough to justify letting Stajan's potential go.

I cannot wait until we trade Steen in order to sign Lindros!

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Blogger Ganer said...

And this is way JFJ needs an adviser, cause how could this move make sense? Id rather have Stajan any day of the week.

12:40 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stajan brings tremendous value to this organization and this city, both on and off the ice. His talent has been mishandled by incompetence thus far in his career (yes Maurice, I'm talking about you) yet Stajan has managed to put up respectable numbers and show us what an intelligent playmaker he truly is. One thing is for sure; if Stajan is given the chance he deserves this year, wherever he plays he is going to absolutely light it up!

4:05 PM

Blogger PPP said...

Amen Anonymous. Like Antro and Pony, if Stajan plays with the right linemates (Steen and basically anyone else) he has the makings of a 20-40-60, defensively responsible player.

4:27 PM

Blogger Jes GÅ‘lbez said...

The Leafs have always done a rather poor job of integrating many of their youngsters. Nik Antropov has been twisting in the wind for his whole career, and will never develop the way he could/should have.

I also don't get the love for Mike Peca. Yeah, he's a decent 3rd/4th liner, but he gets way too much positive press from the mediots.

3:42 PM

Blogger PPP said...

Antro definitely wasn't helped early in his career by the two knee reconstructions.

The Toronto Mediots love to champion trades that make no sense only so that later in the year they can fill gaps by writing about how terrible of a move it turned out to be.

5:02 PM

Anonymous Karina said...

Did I miss something? Where's Ian White?

9:16 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stajan is a worthless sack of garbage. I hope Fergie throws Stajan to the wolves, because Peca is ten times the player Stajan is.

Stajan is a loser and always will be. Good riddance.

9:56 PM

Blogger PPP said...

Unfortunately Karina, White is there but I just realized that I didn't put him with the defencemen.

Wishful thinking I guess.

Anonymous - Are you Mike Peca in disguise? Once upon a time Peca was ten time the player that Stajan was last season but this year's Peca won't be much better than an improved Stajan if at all.

9:17 AM


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