Pension Plan Puppets: Leafs 4 v. Devils 3 (SO): Early Thoughts

Every Leafs fan has an opinion. Here's mine: We are all Pension Plan Puppets. The Teachers pull the strings and we dance.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Leafs 4 v. Devils 3 (SO): Early Thoughts


Death to Janssen, Death to Lou, and Death to the Devils!!

More tomorrow. What a game.

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Blogger Rick said...

Michael Peca, Scott Niedermayer, and Jochen Hecht, just to name a few must really think you guys are pretty big hypocrites.

8:38 PM

Blogger PPP said...

Hi Rick,

You'll probably notice that I didn't publish your other comment. Vulgarity isn't welcomed and it's a shame that you can't make an argument without resorting to the depths that you did.

I guess your point here is that because a Leaf laid a dirty hit that fans can't complain when it happens to a Toronto player?

If we used that logic then Devils' fans could never complain because they had the chief headhunter Scott Stevens on their team for almost 2 decades. No one is saying that the Domi hit on Niedermayer wasn't dirty. The worst you can say about the Tucker hit on Peca is that it was questionable. As for the Hecht hit, yes Tucker was going for his head with his elbow and thankfully missed. The knee injury came from incidental contact and you can see clearly that it wasn't Tucker's intent.

However, it's good to see that they let you use the computer during your remedial classes. I would bet that you're the kind of person that thought that Bertuzzi's actions were acceptable.

8:15 PM


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